Service Truck Bodies: Five Rubber Parts You Need to Know

Service truck bodies need five types of rubber parts: fender flames, bulb trim, rubber mats, anti-slip grip tapes, and rubber bumpers.

Service Truck Bodies

Service trucks bring tools to the repair site so that you don’t have to send vehicles or equipment back to the shop. These utility trucks are equipped with compartments that provide easy access to repair tools like drills, wrenches, and socket sets. Service trucks made by companies such as Ford, Freightliner, GMC, and International also carry diagnostic tools like engine fault-code readers.

Service truck bodies are usually made of lightweight, rust-proof aluminum or durable, power-coated steel. Wherever metal parts meet (such as the edges of a door and a tool compartment), surface irregularities can create small gaps that require sealing and insulation. Rubber parts are also needed to protect the fenders, tool shelves, and vehicle back-end. To provide secure footing, anti-slip grip tapes are used.

As the image that accompanies this article shows, Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates five parts for service truck bodies:

  • fender flares
  • bulb trim
  • rubber mats
  • anti-slip grip tapes
  • rubber bumpers

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Fender Flares (ES18-017-E70)

Fender FlaresFender flares fit over the wheel well and provide protection against mud, water, and road debris. Whether you’re on-road or off-road, your tires can kick-up small rocks that damage your service truck body. You can also kick-up stones that damage nearby vehicles or equipment. The fender flares that Elasto Proxy supplies are easy-to-install and last a long time under real-world road conditions.

Bulb Trim (EC28-515-EM)

Bulb TrimBulb trim provides sealing and insulation for the rounded corners on compartment doors. These rubber parts have separate bulb and retainer sections, each of which can use a different material and have a different durometer. The bulb section compresses to form a seal when the door is closed. Elasto Proxy doesn’t just fabricate bulb trim. We help you to select trim seals that won’t over-compress, kink, or leak.

Rubber Mats (FMD-250-60-Z)


Rubber mats with a diamond pattern prevent tools from sliding while the service truck is moving. They also protect tool shelf surfaces from dents and scratches. Rubber mats are often used in flooring, but their cushioning and non-slip surface makes them a good choice for tool storage. Elasto Proxy can cut rubber sheets to precise dimensions and source these materials in colors such as black, gray, and brown.

Anti-Slip Grip Tapes (ST-032-21-GT)


Anti-Slip Grip Tapes

Anti-slip grip tapes provide personnel with secure footing when they step on the back-end of the service truck body to gain an elevated position. These anti-slip tapes have a textured, high-friction surface and are made of a durable rubber such as vinyl. The anti-skid safety tapes that Elasto Proxy fabricates can also withstand outdoor environmental conditions.

Rubber Bumpers (MB-070-C80)

Rubber Bumpers

Rubber bumpers protect service truck bodies from low-force impacts. These rubber parts cost less than truck body repairs and are easy-to-install with standard metal fasteners such as screws, bolts, and washers. The 75-durometer (Shore A) rubber bumpers that Elasto Proxy supplies come with pre-drilled holes and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Find Rubber Parts for Service Truck Bodies

Elasto Proxy provides mobile equipment manufacturers with custom sealing and insulation solutions. As the image that accompanies this article shows, we supply fender flares, bulb trim, rubber mats, anti-slip grip tapes, and rubber bumpers for service truck bodies. We also supply rubber parts to maintenance and repair organizations (MROs) that help keep fleets of trucks moving.

Unlike other suppliers to the heavy truck industry, Elasto Proxy combines digital manufacturing with value-added solutions. Our water jet cutting equipment works directly from your CAD files for speed and accuracy. We also offer a variety of gasket bonding methods and provide parts kitting services. Elasto Proxy even store your rubber parts and ship them to you from our warehouses.

Contact us to find parts for service truck bodies.

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